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Empower Students

The range and diversity of my skill set mean that I can easily adapt to the interests of individual students, either through design software or practical application.  My starters and plenaries often center on animation, key words, design programs and on the production of a final outcome. I am a strong user of Adobe, 2D design, and Auto CAD –Fusion 360 among others.  I make use of video resources as it is often students who struggle with literacy who are encouraged to take such a vocational subject and who require visual and kinesthetic support. These teaching resources facilitate the students’ confidence to discuss and share their ideas about new concepts. My aim has been to secure not only the interest of those disaffected students, often with IEPs, but also to inspire the Gifted and Talented who also opt for this subject. Most of the projects I have introduced cater to a variety of needs and I always keep in mind the mixed abilities students bring to the subject.


I'm Cristian

I am a creative and motivated teacher who believes in personalized learning. My teaching philosophy is centered around engaging, empowering, and helping my students excel.

As a teacher, I strongly believe that creativity and motivation are the keys to engaging students and helping them achieve their learning goals. Throughout my teaching journey, I strive to personalize the learning approach for each student, so they can achieve their personal goals. Witnessing my pupils’ understanding and progress, especially after a successful lesson, is a source of great fulfillment for me.

The time I feel best as a professional is after a successful lesson, where I am able to witness first hand pupils understanding my teaching, and take the understanding to their own level, engaging with the knowledge and making positive progress towards their personal goals. 

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My Teaching Approach

Engage, Empower, and Excel!
I personalize the learning approach for every student. My teaching approach is centered around engaging students through creativity and motivation, empowering them to take charge of their learning, and helping them excel in their academic pursuits. I personalize the learning approach for each student to cater to their unique needs and learning styles.

2D Design
Auto CAD
Fusion 360

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I offer services that will help you succeed academically.

Career counseling

Providing guidance and support to students seeking advice on career paths and job opportunities.

Online courses

Getting your online courses that allow my students to learn at their own pace and convenience.

Online meetings

I provide virtual meeting services for students to connect and communicate remotely.

Homework help

Helping and supporting students that struggling with homework or projects.

Test preparation services

Helping students for prepare their standardized tests or entrance exams.

Parent resources

I am offering resources and support for parents to help them support their child's education.


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