Year 10

GCSE Design and Technology will prepare students to participate confidently and successfully in an increasingly technological world. Students will gain awareness and learn from wider influences on Design and Technology including historical, social, cultural, environmental and economic factors. Students will get the opportunity to work creatively when designing and making and apply technical and practical expertise.

Core technical principles

In order to make effective design choices students will need a breadth of core technical knowledge and understanding that consists of:
  • New and emerging technologies.
  • Energy generation and storage.
  • Developments in new materials.
  • Systems approach to designing mechanical devices.
  • Materials and their working properties.
  • Year 11

    In the spirit of the iterative design process, the above should be awarded holistically where they take place and not in a linear manner. Contextual challenges are to be released annually by AQA on 1 June in the year prior to the submission of the NEA Students will produce a prototype and a portfolio of evidence Work will be marked by teachers and moderated by AQA

    Assessment criteria:

  • Identifying and investigating design possibilities
  • Producing a design brief and specification
  • Generating design ideas
  • Developing design ideas
  • Realizing design ideas
  • Analyzing & evaluating
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